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You can buy "black" bodied airsoft guns to your heart's content...however, to take advantage of the legal loopholes, a lot of the retailers are stocking clear bodied guns so they don't get raided blah blah.
Black guns aren't technically legal, however, they're not really enforced/illegal. weird situation that people on this site try not to draw attention to.
There are loads of metal bodies you can buy to replace that clear plastic, there are also loads of "black" guns in the classifieds that you can see when you get age verified.

Short version
Airsoft guns, in general, fall into a weird loop hole wherein you are not in possession of a firearm as it doesn't fire over 500fps and some kind of joules, but you are also not in possession of a replica because they are functioning.

However, to avoid any sort of confiscation issues when importing, retailers bring in clear guns that you can mod aesthetically later on, whether it be through painting or by replacing the body outright.
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