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Originally Posted by Thatotherguy View Post
Dart, You're thinking of Marushin.
And only Conversion How-to's are available for the m14
Actually, there's quite a few conversion kits readily available from various individuals who make them on a full time basis.

The boards have a few guys, 2ndbat and tommygunner to name a few, who make EXCELLENT replica AEG's. Not just M1's... lot's of different options, from Lee Enfields to Grease Guns. These guys will do custom builds as well.

Here's a great example of a forum dedicated to custom built WWII airsoft guns.

How-to's are available as well, even from a local site...

The Gas Garand is sweet to say the least, but a hassle to field correctly. It actually ejects the little cartridges, and, while historically accurate, are very easily lost, much akin to shell ejecting bolt action guns.

I even took my own stab at it.

Here's my attempt.

The Devil's Bench - Gaming Cafe, Brantford, ON.

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