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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
which brings up other things, talking to who ever is running ASC mart, making sure they're okay with it. the profits would be for ASC and to cover costs.

basically fund raising for ASC.
You're assuming profit, that is not even remotely guaranteed.

You're assuming a lot of Canadian airsofters will want calenders of women (who are mostly wives, fiancees and girlfriends of players) holding airsoft guns, without the usual standard for attractiveness that makes/breaks the typical professional model calenders.

You'll have to convince someone to fund the calender and accept the risk of printing off hundreds of physical calenders that might not sell. Not to mention that calenders, being year specific, quickly loses their value over time. I've seen calender projects turn into money wasters first hand.

You're better off making an electronic version and limiting yourself to that, instead of trying to get too ambitious right off the bat.
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