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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
hey we're not here to discriminate.
who ever is up for it is more than welcome.
as for Montreal as i said we're gonna have to put together teams of people for each province to make this work. I'd love to help but money is tight. Are there any people who you know, who do some good work? ask them to help out. lethal barbie seems interested in helping. see what you guys could put together
I'm all up to that. Sound good to me and my girl seem has no problem with the shot and release form would be a good idea to keep everything legal and copyright plus I don't want to see your girl's picture floating on google when searching for women airsoft in Montreal, it should be just only for calendar.

As for the Montreal area, if anybody interesting then shot me a PM.

Right now , I can provide two thing as for the team work,

-Model ( For makeup and whatever is not an issue since that thing is her professional )
-Weapon ( Right now, I only can provide my custom M4 but other weapon would be consider if other people would be willing to help )

So for Montreal, there are only a few spot left to work this out,


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