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Canadian Airsoft Girls Calendar?

Originally Posted by Lethal Barbie View Post
hehe, yeah, thats better... lol

now i dont know for other provinces... all the girls i met were in Ontario or Quebec... lol But i'm sure there is some... And like i said, if its done in good taste, i am sure lots would gladly do it... lol
well there's gonna have to be people appointed for each province to make sure everything is done well and right. personally i think you should be in charge of the Quebec Calendar since, you seem to show the most interest from there.
the shots can be done in any environment that reflects airsoft and that the girl feels comfortable in. group shots would be nice. like stacking up on a door, or tactics through the woods. be creative!

I'm gonna start a thread for this, simply because i think this is totally straying from the original point of this thread
here it is
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