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If you were to paint up your gun in camo, at that point it nolonger looks like a replica as all identifying marks are covered and it becomes an imitation.
No they specifically say that altering its colour doesnt matter- its still considered a replica at that point. The clear ones are not replicas (because there is no way to make a real steel metal gun invisible lol) but a camo job on it is still a replica (same reason why they didnt go with a red tip law- real weapons can be painted all sorts of colours).

section 3 specifically covers airsoft guns:

'Many of these devices have to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule, however, those made out of clear plastic and those that are significantly smaller than the real version are not classified as replicas. Brightly coloured paint does not necessarily exclude a device from the definition of a replica'

Bit of a hijack but it makes sense as real steel weapons are camo'd as well- in fact we ordered in some duracoat to paint some of our clear receivers. Duracoat is the paint they use on actual firearms. Looks pretty decent and wont wear off after a season the way Krylon does...

Pic of a 'Cansoft' Multicam G3 SAS (JG Mechbox and rearwired); I have a few AEGS and this is my token 'legal' one for when we do some public awareness stuff later this year. I need to get a black mechbox for it though as the silver one makes it look like chrome

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