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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
425FPS spring in my stock TM mechbox, all it got was a reshimming and a new metal non bearing spring guide. No shredding of gears or snapping of anything. Long story short, its a 4 year old version 2 and its the same original shell, its been opened a few times of maintenance, a few updagrade parts and spring changes over the years. However its ran faithfully from 280FPS all the way to 480FPS and now a days runs at 380FPS.

Now an 10.8V 8000Mah battery in a stock TM fired about about 350BBs before it shredded 6 teeth off the spur gear. Surprisingly enough the stock piston was fine.

People will continue to buy what they see value in or think that there is value in, regardless of brand. We all like what we like for a reason be it the idea of quality, low cost, FPS, body material composition or just whatever. Some people like Rock and Republic, other people like Gap, some people dont care and just want some pants.

Nice. On another note...anyone still play with stock guns? I have an M733 with a tightbore, polycarbonate piston, metal bushings and the original stock spring. She works great and is incredibly reliable. I like to keep things stock just in case I end up getting close to someone...even in outdoor games.
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