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In my opinion Tokyo Mauri make fine classy and reliable Airsoft Weapons.
But they are pricing themselves out of the market a little for a standard plastic bodied Airsoft Weapon.
The Tokyo Mauri Handguns are also becoming rather expensive, You can now buy a reasonable clone AEG for the same price as some of the Handguns.

The Airsoft Weapon market is now offering good - great quality reliable weapons at reasonable prices which come standard with metal bodies and a few extras such as on the King Arms & G&P Airsoft Weapons.

Then you have the clones, Someone else's copy of a Tokyo Mauri etc..
Some of the clones have sorted their shit out and are making reasonable quality weapons for the price you pay.
They still have some issues such as overtightening of the gearbox screws and over greasing the gearbox internals. (like pumping as much grease as they can into the gearbox for what reason I am unsure?)

My experience and personal preference is mainly with Tokyo Mauri & G&P M4 & M16 variants.

I have found that if you upgrade the spring in the V2 Gearbox you should upgrade the gears, piston and also upgrade to a reinforced gearbox.
This will give your Airsoft Weapon a longer life.
Failure to do so will result in chewed up gears, broken teeth on the piston and cracks in your gearbox front end and resulting in more $$$$$$$$$$ spent.

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