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The G&P series looks pretty good for the price, if you're willing to accept the styles they have available. Cost in Canada is still about $1200, though for just the gun alone, and that's the cheapest model available. The more expensive G&P WOC models go upwards of $1500.

I would not recommend the WE M4. They are horribly inaccurate, but are very cheap to start for a mostly metal gun. It's still definitely better than a WA M4 because of all the plastic components the WA uses. The WE does have other short comings as well:

- The entire system is proprietary - WA M4 parts will not fit, so finding any replacements and upgrades would be harder.
- Bolt stroke length is only a couple of inches, whereas all the WA based guns (G&P, Inokatsu, etc) all have a complete stroke for harder kicking action
- Again, the accuracy and groupings of the WE are garbage. At best. Stock Marui GBB pistols shoot better than a WE M4.

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