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It all depends on what you want. If you want a nice properly trademarked gun, go for the Marui. I personally like Marui because of the true trademarks. Having said that, I am more of a purist and a collector. Classic Army offers guns with alloy and fibre bodies that are durable and competitive in price. Unfortunately, I would rather own a gun that says HK G36C, not CA36C. New CA guns have great internals as well, a far cry from earlier ones.
Take into consideration that Marui builds Airsoft guns that conform to Japanese law. They build Airsoft guns for Airsoft players in Japan. The guns must conform to laws that restrict what kind of muzzle energy is produced and limits what materials can used. Others can comment on how the internals of a Marui cannot withstand some upgrades, but remember, they were not produced to do so.

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