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Originally Posted by strikerkmd View Post
as for the sidearm i know it isnt a must but would be nice to have was thinking of just getting a cheap spring $50 to $60 dollar pistol for now.
If you're just going to use it to fill up space on a dropleg or something then yeah, it give that badass PMC look but then again you should really pump that money into something else such as eye protection or gloves.

Really you could come to the field in a SARTech jumpsuit, don't know why you would though but you can. It's generally frowned upon to come to more tactical skirmishes with "civvies" unless you're going for that "PMC" look. For regular games though I wouldn't see a problem just going in a dark hoodie and dark jeans or something.

You don't really need a helmet, sure it's badass and makes you look cooler but accessories like that can be saved for later.

As for goggles, check your local field rules first, you don't want to come to a game in ballistics when the field owner requires have paintball rated goggles period (a lot of ballistics aren't rated for paintball although they can withstand a paintball hit, this is moreso for the field owners insurance rather than paintball masks being better than ballistics). A good choice would to be get a paintball mask that you can remove the face shield on so you can use your optics and also get a set of shop glasses if you feel that you like wearing those and if the field allows them.
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