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Originally Posted by homegrown View Post
i live in the backwoods of VA in the us..... so i play a lot of group fights in the boons nohtin like i guess official but there are alot of us..... i joined the canada group cuz yall seem to know ur stuff and are nicer then most people here lol..
Ahh yeah that changes alot then, as our laws here in Canada are alot more stringent. But most of what I said still applies. I guess if you do intend on gaming it, it depends on what the kind of FPS limits the hosts in your area impose thus warranting the cost of making a BA gamable or not.

Originally Posted by patcou View Post
Here's my personal list i would put in it:

First Factory PSS2 Zero Trigger For APS2
PDI Hop up Chamber Type 96
Hop up bucking
Prometheus 6.03 EG Barrel (500mm) or higher if you dont' want to take your silencer off
Lay lax 190-210SP spring
Lay lax Spring guide 9mm
PDI Tight Barrel Spacers

OK Stainless Cylinder
Aluminium Piston
Lay lax Damper cylinder head
Lay lax Power up Accuracy Cup

Duralmin outer barrel

oh and if your good with putty, sanding and painting get ready cause your stock will crack in your hands.
While these parts listed are indeed good (from what I hear) its always best to try and stick with one manufacturer, if possible. This avoids the hassle of fitment and cross-compatibility issues. When it comes to any Maruzen compatible L96 I find PDI is the best route to take as they make all needed upgrades.
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Originally Posted by Pliskin View Post
This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.

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