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This painting of recievers is pretty much like speeding in my opinion. Almost everybody does it, like almost everybody drives a little faster then the limit. Stricly speaking it's illegal, but it all comes down to enforcement. Cops can't bust every drivers for goign 5 clicks over the limit, same way they don't bust responsible 18+ airsofters at sanctioned events. Like other have said, don't do anything to draw attention to yourself and you'll be fine. Its teh yahoos that are 12 years old with springer and a can of tremclad that make our lives hell.

Come to think about it, painting something to look exactly like the real steel version is one thing, but consider this: If you were to paint up your gun in camo, at that point it nolonger looks like a replica as all identifying marks are covered and it becomes an imitation.

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Would this make selling painted or even non-painted original metal or black receivers illegal? Would this make it a problem in ASC's forums? (OMG, I hope not...)

Any lawyers here?

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