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Originally Posted by homegrown View Post
yeah i know it needs a lot of work lol but all i do is work so i got a bit of cash to put down on it...... iv done sniping b4 its just i wanted to change my setup..... if its flimsy then ill send it back and get the bar 10.... iv bn looking for a tight bore and considering a zero trigger unit but i wana knwo if i should just get better sears insted
Where have you done sniping before?

And just dont have high expectations of using a bolt action rifle in a game if its higher than 350 FPS (in most places) if you have never played before. Alot of those places will require you to have taken and passed the Level II Bolt Action Operator Course in order to prove you are a safe BA Operator. There will only be exceptions made in cases where the person is well known to the community and the majority of people you are playing with. Otherwise you can forget it if you are shooting hotter than 350 FPS.

And anything less than 400 FPS really has no real use, since you are at the same range as AEG's except they fire 60+ rounds by the time you can get your second shot off. If you are new to the sport then get an AEG if you wish to do more than backyard/basement plinking. If thats all you want to do then you have no real reason to upgrade, unless something breaks. Which most if not everything will break with a Well.
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Originally Posted by Pliskin View Post
This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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