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Originally Posted by Rubs View Post
Yeah, grenade launcher would be a killer feature imo. But thanks for the info on the price of the launchers. I've seen some launchers go for 150 new, I'm assuming they must be cheap then. What's the best brand for a grenade launcher?
Also, from what I've read, the shells are 100% resuable, correct?
The $150 launchers you've seen were probably TM launchers which are more like an over-sized shotgun (as in an airsoft shotgun) then a proper launcher (which works more like an oversized version of a real steel shotgun) and not something that anyone really wants, thus the cheap price. Yeah, the shells are 100% reusable. They're alittle fragile, much like GBB mags but other then that are completely reusable. As to the best launcher, that kinda depends on the gun you get, at least for the barrel mounted ones. If you do end up getting that G&G you posted the pic of then you're probably going to have to go with a RIS mounted one. Those tend to hang alittle low for some people but others like them because they're quickly removable. For RIS models, it doesn't really matter about the gun brand, in that case it's just a matter of the realitive quality of the manufaturers. I understand G&P in particular makes a good RIS model. This is a good thread to look at:

Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
What? G&P is mid grade? Their mechboxes I thought were significantly better built than CA...
But then again I did get a uber-lemon G&P complete, so I'm only judging by what my eyes can determine.
Although I can testify to the rediculous length of the M16...
Yeah, there's some debate as to where exactly G&P falls in regards to the quality scale. I've never handled one so I place it where I do based on the general prices I see for G&P guns as apposed to other manufacturers.

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