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As a guy...

That's really creepy sounding, dude.
I don't think the girls of ASC want to be oggled at by said beer swilling, chain smoking, molson muscle bound forum hounds...Or maybe they do, but let that be their decision. Raising it as an opportunity as a guy screams creepiness. And you wonder why the girls of ASC are so few and far between. They are here to kick our asses, not be treated like bar trash. Don't make this about "w00t! it's a g1rl!". That's what keeps them away. They don't want to come to a game to be treated like that...That's why they're there. They come to shoot. Just like you.
Try to have some respect for them. Some of them are wives of ASC members, friends, sisters, teammates, etc... And as they put up with us and still hit the fields, they deserve an official hat-tipping.
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