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Originally Posted by burningashes View Post
I think he got the message by now that it is a business firearms license not a restricted one. lol
one would think that but maybe not.

Originally Posted by Griffen_1981 View Post
it sound like there is lots of mixed opinions here. im not talking about a business license. For example my girlfriend grandfather in Edmonton just passed away and he collected replica guns and has one of the biggest replica gun collections in Canada. Some if not all were imported form the US. I'm assuming all gun get stopped at the border but if you appeal with a firearms license will you not be aloud to keep it. Im not considering this as an option but i spoke to him on the phone and he ask...i didn't know the answer...sounds a bit all over the map. Not a straight yes or no. Sounds like its a matter of the situation?

If you haven't clued in yet, you need a special firearms licence, you are more likely to win the lotto then to get one. If it was easy everyone would have one.
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