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Originally Posted by Kuro_Neko View Post
Grenade launchers are great. That said, you want to get one, be prepared to spend easily the cost of another gun, not even mentioning the shells. The launchers range from $200 to $300 (though if you keep your eyes peeled in the classifieds then you might be able to get one for as low as $150). But that's not the real cost, the real cost is the damn shells. Cheap shells are about $30, I've learned the hard way though that when it comes to 40mm shells cheap is not the way to go. Madbulls are about the only choice. They're going to run you $60-$70 each. So a decent number of shells alone will cost you the price of a new TM.

Yeah, grenade launcher would be a killer feature imo. But thanks for the info on the price of the launchers. I've seen some launchers go for 150 new, I'm assuming they must be cheap then. What's the best brand for a grenade launcher?
Also, from what I've read, the shells are 100% resuable, correct?
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