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Originally Posted by henchman21 View Post
That said, there's still a larger group that singles out or mollycoddles female participants, the"you're a girl, you don't have a clue" brigade.
wanna validate the sport, be more inclusive.
And there's also the "other" crowd. These seriously make me shake my head in wonder. They will either hesitate to shoot a female participant, or just not take a shot at all because "she's a girl". Or they'll shoot her (after hesitating) and apologize to her for doind so. Like WTF? Are you guys fucking serious??? This is just as bad or worse as the "you're a girl, you don't have a clue" brigade, if not worse.

Sorry people, but the second the game is on. I don't care if someone is male, female, or hermaphrodite. An opponent is an opponent, and their gender has been left behind the second they entered the staging area and started kitting up for the game.

A female player will get no special privileges from me in game for being a girl. If she's on my team, then I consider her a team mate on equal terms with anyone else. If she's on the other team, I will shoot her ass just as fast as I would any other opponent, and no apologies about it. The exception being if I happen to nail a painful face shot or something, and there, I would apologize just as quickly to a male player as a female player.

Seriously guys. The women that are playing this game are there because they want to play and can take it. They're not looking for special treatment because they're women. They've accepted the same risks of getting shot, welts, bleeders, etc as the rest of us. Having boobs doesn't make her any different than another player on the field.
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