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Ont guys tend to be more stringent on rules and regs cause there is so much that can go wrong.

Aside from that a big not to all who have a CA P90 to definitely replace your hop up rubber as The TM P90 is supposedly to have a very legendary hopup mechanism above the rest and the CA P90 is the clone of that wonderful hop up unit.

I took it apart and inspected it and from what I can tell its quite close to the TM P90 hop up unit except the fitment on that piece that holds the wheel in place seems to be a fraction of a mm off. But that I do not think will affect it much

ALL CA P90 users


Its way too hard and it does not give much hop even when placed on maximum while I remember the TM P90 gave a lot of hop up. So I believe changing that hop up rubber can get you closer the the TM P90 one.

Final Comments
I miss my TM P90 but the CA P90 being worth half and it is not a bad gun thats for sure. A few minor issues but can be fixed. But I would say not the best out of the box gun like the TM P90 would be

Source: On why the TM P90 is a legendary hop up unit
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