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A few questions on mp5

I'm still debating on whether my frist AEG will be an mp5 or an m4, any insight, suggestions or comments would be greatly appriciated.

I'm looking at a few mp5s.

G&G GMP5 SD5 (H&K MP5 SD5)

From what I can see, its a solid stock. Does that mean the battery is in the stock?
Are you able to put a rail system on this gun? (big thing for me)
And are you able to get a solid metal top instead of the clear plastic?
How does the gun perform?

G&G GMP5 SD6 (H&K MP5 SD6)

I think the only difference between these two guns is that this one is a retractable stock, so there must be a PEQ on this weapon, I assume.

CAS Version: MP5 G5

Now, I've heard a lot of good things about G&G mp5's but I havn't heard too much about CAS versions. How is it in terms of performance?

I know this model has cheaper parts like outside barrels and what-not but does those stuff really make a performance/quality difference? Do they break easier?

If you had a choice between these 3, which would you chose?

Thanks again for the advice in advance, this will really help my decision between an mp5 and m4.
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