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So to get back on topic (my bad, my bad)...

...I've used an TM M14 converted to semi-auto for the past year (classified as a sniper rifle at most Ontario fields), and only just recently purchased a VSR-10 clone that I'm gaming next weekend. As I'm sure most people have already mentioned, if you're just starting to get into the sport, get a decent AEG with a good rate of fire. You'll be much more interested in the sport if you're getting a consistent amount of kills. If you're sniping you might come out of the game with a dozen kills or no kills at all, you have to be patient and determined with the position you've chosen.

As stealthy1 said, try out being a Designated Marksman. You'll get the feel for sniping, but will be working with a group of other people rather than alone...and you'll have much more chance to move around at be at the head of the action. I've played that role for the past year or so, moving from SPR style rifle to an M14, and now that I've had a feel for sniping and what it entails...I've purchased my first sniper rifle ( ).

If you really want to seriously get into sniping, get a good brand. Classic Army makes a very nice M24 sniper rifle, Tanaka makes a very nice M700, and Tokyo Marui makes a half decent VSR-10. If you're serious don't cheap out. Clones and Knock-offs aren't known for their durability or reliability.
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