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You'll have to be the judge of that. Please let me know what the range capabilities are of this new line of hopup pellet guns, after you get the gun and try it out. What distance are you planning on shooting from? A lot of people don't seem to understand distances, so measure it out...I usually go by meters or feet (one foot in front of the other, for meters it's about one step for me since I have really long legs).

With an airsoft GBB you can hit the side of a building or a target that is 4-5 feet large, maybe smaller, at a distance of about 150', but you probably won't be able to consistently hit the same spot at that distance. When I was doing semi-serious target shooting back home, I would walk out to about 50m and fire at my targets...usually getting about 2-3 inch groupings with a few scattered off due to wind or other factors. Just for fun, as I said before, I'd go the the end of my backyard and fire at the fence on the other side (~250'-300' maybe more) with a target at the other side (metal) so I could hear when I actually hit it...usually a pop can or an empty spray paint can...but at that distance you would have to arch the gun a ridiculous amount, and have to remember the exact angle you were shooting at after you pump the gun to even get the bb to hit the target. That was with an air rifle, so easier to aim because you can shoulder it, add a scope to it, has a longer barrel and a much higher velocity than a bb pistol...expect your gun to have a max range of 100' and that wouldn't necessarily mean hitting a bullseye but hitting the paper target (even if just the edge of it).

According to airgunsource this gun has a power range of 66 yards (~60 meters, or just under 200 feet).

I'd be really interested to know the range of it, so once you get it, do let us know
Okay, I will when I recieve the gun.
Thanks for all the support, especially moderatesniper, who has been very helpful.
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