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Since I don't know how to properly explain hop-up:

Probably similar or exactly the same device in use on these new pellet guns.

As an air pistol, it will be accurate for short's only shooting ~330fps so it's fairly low velocity compared to most bb rifles (most have minimum 350fps) and even some other bb air pistols. I've found that pellet guns have a much higher velocity compared to most BB guns...if you have a small backyard or you're shooting in your basement you've picked a decent starting pistol. If you have a big backyard, or big place where you'll be may want to reconsider your purchase and get a different air pistol or rifle.

I don't have any experience with this specific gun, or this new line of hop-up air pistols, but I'm sure this gun will be great for plinking...and some close range target practice.
Since it is one of the few only pellet guns that has hop up, wouldn't it be also fine for far range target practice? I'm just wondering, thanks for all the help.
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