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Originally Posted by moderatesniper View Post
It's not the full version of the word(s)...


Sniper ---------- Sniper Rifle

Don't ---------- Do Not

Limo ----------- Limousine

It's not the pronunciation of it, but the fact that it is an a shortened version of the word. Even if it is in common usage. I'm just trying to display the absurdity of many posts that people make about clips vs mags, sniper vs sniper rifle, etc.
You're off the mark on one thing though:

"Limo" is a contraction of "limousine". "Don't" is a contraction of "do not". However, "sniper" is not a contraction of "sniper rifle", nor is "clip" a contraction of "magazine". A sniper and a sniper rifle are two compeltely different things. Just like a clip and a magazine are two completely different things.
We all know what the person is talking there is no need to correct the person. Just keep it to yourself, and laugh at the person's supposed ignorance. Make a thread about all of the airsoft terminology and post it here and in the FAQ section, if newbies continue to disregard that information, so be it.
There's nothing wrong with correcting people's terminology in the post, especially if it's done unobtrusively (you'll notice this little rant you started took this thread far more off topic than my single post about terminology ever did). If correcting someone's terminology offends people, they need to toughen up a bit. It's good to teach newbies proper terms. Why? Because it's incredebly easier to help them out if we're all on the same page. Stuffing it in the FAQ won't work -nobody reads the FAQ's. If they did, we wouldn't need the newbie tank. The newbie tank is here for us to help and correct new people, not perpetuate ignorance.

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