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With my limited experience with air rifles and air pistols, I've found that they are fairly accurate for target shooting and for getting rid of pest problems. Most air pistols are of such low velocity that they're really only good for target shooting at close ranges (50ft or so) anything beyond that the bb would probably just drop...however this particular gun has a "hop-up" style design that will put a backspin on the bb and make it go further than a gun without hop-up.

You shouldn't be firing your gun sideways, if you do you should stop watching rap videos. With hopup, your gun is meant to be fired "normally"...if you fire your gun sideways the bb will go off sideways in that direction after 20-30 feet.

If you're looking for something to take care of pests, get a pellet gun that fires pellets and not .177 cal BBs. But if you're looking for something to plink with and take out targets, popcans, etc. a BB gun will work fine. When I lived back home I was able to hit targets at about 200-300 feet in my backyard, by arching my shots until I hit the target. But a realistic distance is probably somewhere around 80 feet for an accurate shot.

If you're looking for something that is really accurate, get a pellet gun. They shoot harder and there is a much wider variety of ammunition you can use for various types of shooting (hunting pellets, hyper-velocity pellets in sabots, hollow point pellets, wadcutters, etc.).

Sorry for that jumbled mess, I was thinking and typing at the same time.

What are you looking to use this gun for? It will be easier to make a determination on if this was a good gun choice for you.
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