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Guess I'm wrong on that part then. Probably the difference between the $80 and $100 is just the metal slide...but since it's a non-blowback pellet gun it doesn't really matter except for feel.

Lowest I've seen the black one so far is $ you didn't really get ripped off, unless buyairsoft themselves rips you off because they have a pretty bad reputation.
Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

A few last questions though:

1. Based on the overall performance (including feel and performance and everything), was this gun a rip off?

2. I heard from some people that hop up is not very good, having problems like if you hold the gun sideways the bb will curve to the corresponding side. Do you think this gun can have its hop up function turned off?

3. Are pellet BBs really inaccurate? I heard that because of the shape of the BB, it is easily affected by natural factors such as wind. Plus since the barrel isnít rifled (I guess it canít be since it has backspin already), will hitting a target with this gun be very difficult?

Again, thanks for all the help. I really appreciate any responses.
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