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"And they wonder why it's hard to attract good new people to the sport"? The post above yours by surebet helped did it not? The poster of the question is a French speaker and it took a few posts to get an accurate representation of the question asked. Not like your post in English helped much anyways, you just stated you had big muscular legs that push guns out of their holsters.

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Wow! 5 posts in and nothing even close to answering the question. And they wonder why it's hard to attract good new people to the sport. I'll try to help out.

The Crossman Mag C11 (6mm airsoft version) is in fact a very accruate and easy to fire non blow back CO2 powerd gun. Because it is CO2 and has a double action trigger it is a great reliable backup weapon. Just load it and put it in your holster. You could be falling to the ground and just pull this baby out, up and firing as fast as you can pull the trigger. it won't let you down. They only problem I've had with it is my big muscular legs. When I kneel sometimes and flex, my thigh pushes against the mag release and I leave mags like a trail breadcrumbs so I can find my way back to re-spawn. I spent one CQB night meeting everyone as they handed back a mag to me. I think its a bit over priced but then try to find an airsoft gun that isn't. I could say, "I'd buy one," but I already have.
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