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Well I ordered a part from airsoftshop about 4 weeks ago. It was the all metal G3 selector switch. I couldnt find them anywhere else ( told me they have not been able to restock them for months). Each was $14 so I ordered 2... and got charged $20 shipping for them. Still they promised it would ship within 3 days etc etc and I needed the part....
and so I took a chance.

After I paid I got no further reply from airsoftshop when I emailed them, no reply when I used their contact form on the site, and no reply when I used the request order status on the site. I wanted my tracking number or at least know they had sent it. After 15 days of getting no answer from them I did a internet search and found that they are known worldwide as a store that takes your money and then may or may not ship your item. See the store has not been updated since 2006 and many of the items listed 'for sale' are actually no longer available.

I opened a dispute with PayPal and when I got no reply to that I opened a Claim. I finally got an email saying the item had already shipped 'before' and not to worry as they were having internet site issues. I told them that if they could provide proof they had sent it I would cancel the claim but until then I had nothing but their word. On April 19th the claim would be processed by PayPal if they did not respond. Then about four days later, on the 18th, they sent the tracking number- a number which shows that they had JUST mailed the package that very day. Clearly the word 'before' doesnt mean what it does in English to them. So to be clear it took them around 3 weeks after payment, and a threat from Paypal that they would reverse the charges on my behalf before they even sent the item... which has STILL not arrived as of today though the tracking does show it is at least in Canada now (it only needed 3 days to get from China to Canada, the delay was entirely due to them not shipping it when they said they already had). Ideally it will show in a day or two- if it is my metal selectors then I will be happy but I've been told by others who have been screwed by them to expect the cheap plastic ones as the metal ones are discontinued... in which case I will continue with my claim as I paid for the metal ones. either way I wouldnt order from them again

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