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Originally Posted by MSDFS View Post
Hello all. I know I posted before that I was not going to begin airsoft until I was 18, but I recently won a model of a M4 carbine at a local fair (France). It is really cheap, a springer, and probably gets less than 70ft if fired at a flat angle. It has no orange tip, and looks very realistic. I don't know the size of a real M4, but this one may be smaller. It comes apart into 4 distinct pieces: Body, magazine, stock, barrel. I was wondering about the legality of bringing this back to Canada. I do not intend to use it, just mount it on my wall or something ( I have no BBs anyway). Do airlines scan checked bags? If not, I will probably just take it apart and put seperate parts into each bag (I have 2). If my bag was scanned and it was identified as a potential firearm, would I get arrested or stopped for questioning?
Just want to make sure before I come home.
EDIT: I can provide pictures if nessecary, but it is a M4 carbine, I think anyone who has ever played COD4 knows what one looks like.
you cannot import replica fire arms into canada.
yes airports scan checked bags.
even if you take it apart they will know.
don't try to do so becuse that is a crime called smuggling

sell it in france take the money and buy a spinger in canada. this will save you BIG FINES, jail time, and a crimial record.

word of warning

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