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Another question.

Hello all. I know I posted before that I was not going to begin airsoft until I was 18, but I recently won a model of a M4 carbine at a local fair (France). It is really cheap, a springer, and probably gets less than 70ft if fired at a flat angle. It has no orange tip, and looks very realistic. I don't know the size of a real M4, but this one may be smaller. It comes apart into 4 distinct pieces: Body, magazine, stock, barrel. I was wondering about the legality of bringing this back to Canada. I do not intend to use it, just mount it on my wall or something ( I have no BBs anyway). Do airlines scan checked bags? If not, I will probably just take it apart and put seperate parts into each bag (I have 2). If my bag was scanned and it was identified as a potential firearm, would I get arrested or stopped for questioning?
Just want to make sure before I come home.
EDIT: I can provide pictures if nessecary, but it is a M4 carbine, I think anyone who has ever played COD4 knows what one looks like.
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