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One thing should be noted, nothing can really get past Ontario Customs even a mechbox with a trigger is seized for a bit, inspected by the new guys then past to the vets and then the vets clear it for you as they know that its not a "lower receiver"

As for the KS mags I believe they are the same as the JG mags which are pretty much the Echo1 mags which may be the same as ACM. When Made in China you get confused which originated from where and who. But yeah I know what you mean CJay they are cheap. But getting them from Styrak Armouries is still pretty cheap considering USD conversion and HK shipping, though best to check it out for his stock

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You could either throw on a silencer and use a longer inner barrel, or you could go with Madbull's new P90 extended barrel, same as the civilian version of the P90. The Madbull option depends on how different the CA is versus the Echo 1 (what the MB has been designed for). With either option a 363mm M4 inner should do the trick.
Thanks scopedog hopefully I can fit that onto the CA P90, the front barrel seems a bit plasticy so I may have to replace it with a metal one. I actually did that with my old TM P90 which I regret selling but it was the TR model with a silencer so I was able to hide the 455mm AK barrel but I had problems with the BBs not shooting well even though I had the right cylinder but I am going to try the M4 Barrel maybe I'll have better luck with it. I am going to hope the M4 363mm barrel will work fine.

JG/Echo1 68rnd Update - Apr 25th 2009

Noticed that some of the mags now pop out BBs if I try to aggresively put the mag in the P90 not too sure if others have that problem but I am guessing the retention spring is not that strong, so probably could be fixed with a tiny spring. I noticed this when I was in a reloading fever while trying to take down an enemy 50 feet away and the BBs were popping out not all the BBs but one or two at a time.
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