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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
I noticed most my stuff from Asia always gets delayed from customs.
And when I order from the US, the tracking works and gets here on time, never on time for Asia..
Hmmm.. weird how the experiences differ here. I order through Redwolf, and recently ehobbyasia on a regular basis, never had an issue with any orders. 25 orders through Redwolf, always at the post office within the 2-7 days as Redwolf states you may have to wait excluding customs reviews. Customs has opened a few packages and as far as I can tell releases them same day. Ordered barrels, both inner and outer, RIS systems, silencers, gearboxes, etc etc.. All come through mississauga without issue. But in saying that, now I fd up my good luck and I'm sure I'll have my stuff seized like crazy..
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