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Originally Posted by cbcsteve View Post
Mine sticks Outwards on Full auto which is a big problem. Reason being is that if the nozzle sticks out wards too much then the BBs cannot feed in. Right now using a 8.4v Nimh battery but I tried my Lipo on it and the ROF is insane but its so fast that the BBs are not feeding in because the Nozzle is stuck forward causing the BBs not to drop in the loader. So that leaves a bitter taste as I remember when I had my TM P90 and tried it with a Lipo is cycled well AND Echo1 can also take Lipos and feed properly too.
You probably just need a sector clip to delay the nozzle. The BB's dont have enough time to get into the hopup chamber before another cycle happens. This occurs with more powerful batteries and higher rates of fire.

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