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Originally Posted by sopmod View Post
thats awesome. did you need cut circuit for 7.4v li-po?? or just plug in.

sorry,, I do not really understand the electronic things.
I am going to test the need for a cut off with a 7.4. With an upgraded spring 120+ and upraded motor, i don't *think* a discharged 7.4 lipo is able to turn over the spring.

I recommend that you use one anyways since they are so cheap. and the risk of not ever being able to recharge your battery is not worth 4.99 for a cutoff.

LiPo's are also cheaper. RC guys are constantly throwing away their lipo's when the next gen battery comes out that gives the extra 1c discharge. you can buy really high end packs off these guys for 20-30 dollar, but don't hold your breathe hoping to find a pack that will fit into your gun.
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it would appear I am not first up in this gang-bang
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