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Originally Posted by Azathoth View Post
IMO LiPo ready is a bunch of marketing crap. my stock TM M4S ran fine with 7.4 LiPo, my TM P90 (yeah i know v6 is sturdier) stock is running lipo 7.4v without any problems either.

When people talk about Lipo most people if not all are thinking 11.1v not the 7.4 packs, and with 11.1v packs you want to have higher quality gears and depending on your spring a reinforced gearbox.

Some manufacturers are charging a premium for "lipo ready" nonsense. KWA seems to be the only company i've found that truly is lipo ready. Built in low voltage cut off, reinforced gears out of the box etc.

The most important part of running LiPO batteries IMO is having a low voltage cutoff circuit, if the Lipo pack is drawn below 3v per cell then you run a risk of ruining your cells, IE they will never charge again or burn, smolder when charged.

your TM guns are running with 7.4v li-po with no problem, so is 7.4v li-po about same voltage with 9.6v ni-mh battery??
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