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Thanks for the great replies guys! Latency, I'll be sure to look Optix up, although I'm kind of hoping to be able to get verified by Crash since he AV's for BCAC as well. But that's not that important.

Thanks for the info about the Hi-Caps, I'll be sure to get a box of low-caps.
About buying guns: The package I was looking at costs about $700 give or take a few for shipping. That being said, would I be better off buying a gun from the classifieds and then spending extra on accessories? I'm not that keen on upgraded guns at the moment, but are most guns that are sold in the classifieds upgraded to some degree?

About gear: I'm thinking a standard set of BDU's with a vest rig and a boonie to start off. I have heard I should think about getting a water pack as well. Should I invest in anything else? What kind of boots should I be thinking of getting?
Should I also wear something underneath the BDU's? I've never been shot by an Airsoft BB, so I'm not sure how to layer to avoid being too badly stung by them.

About batteries: I know the G&G comes with a 1400mAh 9.6V battery, from my research it seems to be about 1mAh per round, so that roughly is 1400 rounds fired. Would I need to get an extra battery? And if so, what kind (assuming that it is a crane stock).

Thanks a lot for your patience and taking the time to answer a newbie's q's!
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