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Ok, I have my almost finished buying list (gear, AEG and externals. Will be looking for internals later)

-Eye protection
-combat fingerless gloves
-CADPAT or Frontenac BDU set
-CF issue Tac. Vest
-CP gear mag wedge x2
-CP gear name tape
-PASGT helmet will custome helmet cover and scrim netting
-German issue Flectarn Ghillie suit (BDUs used for ghillie)
-CF styled ghillie suit (no BDU's attached)
-Winter ghillie suit
-hydration pack

-VSR-10 marui clone modded to look like C3A1
-VSR-10 marui clone 30 round mags x3
-4-12x40 scope
-ACOG scope
-C7 mags x8 (gun comes with 1)
-Front flip-up sight
-adjustable fore grip
-Adjustable 3-point sling
-9.6v 2000 mah battery x2
-wall charger

Places I will be buying from are:

007 airsoft
Mach1 airsoft
Capital Airsoft

Thats almost everything. I will be looking into internals for another while before I have my buying list. I have 3 jobs planed this summer so hopefully I will have the money I need for the AEG (around $750.00 without internals) by sometime in June 2010.

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