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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
2 threads on pretty much the same topic??? Seriously???.

Yeah... Just to give you a little heads up, double posting on essentially the same topic, on these forums, generally doesn't go over too well. Don't get me wrong, this is the Newbie Tank, and is meant for newer players to learn and grow, but it also protects you from the flames.

On another topic, if you're going down the path of the L33t Snip3rz, take some words of wisdom; Don't. Like its been said thousands upon thousands of times, as a new player, unfamiliar with the rules of playing Airsoft, buying a sniper rifle as a starting aeg is a bigger recipe for fail than Bush's last term. Honestly, I'm too hung over to explain it all to you, but go and do some research, read up on why being a sniper right off the bat is a bad idea, and then come back and we'll help you pick a good aeg.

P.S: Get Av'd.
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