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Go to Op-For or BCAC the local airsoft forums for Lower Mainland and register for a game (get a rental first though, there are gun rentals available).

To get AV'ed go ask Optix, the local verifier for Richmond, and while you're at it buy some of his BB's (may 1 or 2 packs just to see if you like them or not).

4x is really excessive IMO. 2x should be about right for some of the more upgraded guns. If you're running stock IMO you should be running a reflex or RDS.

Hi-Caps aren't bad they just aren't very "real", you'll be fine running a hi-cap for the first few games but then after that you'll be judged and labelled as the hi-cap guy. Run with mids, and lows because they don't rattle and you don't need to wind them, also makes if more fun while you're reloading behind a bunker and people are shooting at you..

EDIT: Also since you're in Richmond you might as well go to a dealer that's closer to you. Ken at 007 or the guys at buyairsoft (after the merger is done). Alternatively you can go to the classifieds if you get AV'ed which just involves meeting up with someone prominent in the community (our "airsoft community"..... not your community) to verify your age.
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