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Originally Posted by Tugg View Post
ok well looking at some reviews on this website, i have found out, that your an asshole. (pusangani)

but after reading those posts, everyone says get the kraken, but i have yet to hear a reason. all ive heard is that the broxa has mag problems, and in my mind so does the kraken (its too small) so as far as im concerned, i like the looks of the broxa more so if it does give me trouble, mags cost the same, so why not get the one i like more right?

P.S I think the lycaon is out of the question now.

By the way, Aftermath is ok, why don't you just get a freakin Cansoft ICS or G&G? There pretty good, other than most of them don't come with battery or charger..

Also, Lycaon and Broxa are the same magazines. There both MP5 mags.
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