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Newbie here with some Q's!

Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself new to the airsoft scene, I just turned 18 and I'm looking to get involved in this sport as a hobby.

I'm looking at the G&G GR16 R4 Commando as my starter gun, mainly because Mach1 offers a nice package for the price. The question I have is that I've heard that the 450R hi-cap mag is bad, but I don't see any reasons or explanations why. I'm guessing its because of the mechanism inside the mag, the more BB's you put the more chance it'll jam? That being said, roughly what capacity should I be buying my replacement-a mid-cap, say roughly 200R or so?

I'm also looking at the 4x ACOG that comes with the package. I know that Airsoft rifles aren't that effective with scopes, but will the 4x do fine or should I be looking for something with a lower magnification say a reflex sight-1.5x or in that range?

Any advice for a newbie (aside from getting age verified of course, but that'll happen once I get myself to a game)?

Thanks a lot guys!
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