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Guinea Pig once again to test the ACM/Echo 1 P90 mags on a CA P90 (Not talking about other P90 Modes solely the CA P90)

ACM/Echo1 P90 Magazine - 68 Round

I know these magazines are practically 1/4 the price of TM P90 Magazine but I must be thorough in my testing.

Build Quality of the Magazine - 2.5/5

It appears that there seems to be some extra space within the magazine perhaps a fraction of a cm or just by mere mm of space in the magazine as I can squeeze the magazine and feel the exterior depress and it is not super rigid like a Tokyo Marui magazine.

Therefor I surmise I cannot put these magazine under heavy weight as the feel of it looks like it can snap. Even the Cheapy 130 rounders have a very hard exterior in which you cannot squeeze and feel any movement under your clenched grip

I placed these in my chest rig and went prone and heard the magazine squising in agony so I felt I cannot just plop down in prone position with these mags in my chest. The Cheapo 130 rounders did not seem to make a sound as the body was solid


I highly suggest you use these magazines with any belt pouches for P90 magazines as I surmise that if you place this in your chest rig and you are a person who likes to go prone real fast expect these to wear down and break through constant pressure. With belt pouches you can ensure that when you go prone you won't squash them. Around the side of the thigh areas is perfect for quick speed and mobility

Performance and Fitment = 4/5
It appears that these mags do not fit on the CA P90 Properly (This is the CA P90 only not talking about other P90 Models). The 130 rounders fit in fine with a little force while these fit in and feed but can pop right out if you jingle it around.

The problem lies within the CA P90's magazine holder latch. I have to manual push the latch to latch onto the mag to hold it into place rather than it just automatically moving into place once the P90 mag is placed in.

Albeit it feeds 100% better than the 130 rounders the fitment will need some modification


Other than that it feeds perfectly and all BBs move freely within the Mag into the gun. Though you will need some modding to the magazine in order for the CA P90 Magazine latch to properly latch onto the magazine

Final Conclusion

These Mags shoot great, feed great and exhibit no signs of malfunction like my cheapo 130 rounders. The build quality you have to be careful with its not clumsy proof, I threw it up in the air and let it drop from 8 feet onto hardwood floor and it held up so its not that bad.

If you are getting these for the Echo1 P90 they are great, if you are getting these for the CA P90 be prepared to mod the Magazine latch area.

Where I got it from >>> Styrak's Sasksoft Armoury
Whats the Price: Go to his retailer thread to check it out
- Pistolero Steve -

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