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Vests are not restricted items, so yes you can bring it over the border. You might get a few questions asked such as "What is the purpose of purchasing a vest like this?" and you can easily say you play paintball or something, but regardless you have every right to bring it with you. That doesn't mean the CBSA Agent can't seize it. If thats the case then you have to go through an appeal process. As for the amount they tax you, it depends on the value of the item. Lying about the value is not a good idea, and is best if you present a receipt for it.

But you can avoid all this hassle by buying one thats already in country. ASCMart has some very good stock of Pantac gear. Click the banner above and browse around there, or check your local army surplus store. Support the local businesses!!!
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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