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I see a lot of good advice and some stuff I think will be pretty helpful. Why I asked was because I don't want to buy an airsoft gun, and then something else, and then something else, and so on...I wanted to buy when I'm ready to go ahead and buy everything. A lot of people advise making sure you will be comfortable with airsoft and don't be impulsive. But I am a man of many hobbies, and I don't really care. lol

So what I need is

gun (duh)
face/eye protection
a decent vest atleast to carry mags and accessories, even if I don't have them YET
and perhaps some magazines (probably)
From there we will look at camo and so forth, but chances are I will just use some things I already have.
I don't have anything amazing, like cordura and high-grade materials, but I have two camo jackets, and some OD clothing around...

by the way, would that be sufficient for outdoors?
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