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Now that I think about it...all of my most recent large AEG purchases have gone directly to the post office and I've "missed" all of them at the door. CP will ring the doorbell if it is a small package, but if it is a big package they'll just leave a slip.

It's hard in my house to watch out the window, I live on the second and third floor of a 3-story house...and my room is on the side of the house and my roommates rooms face the front street. I can watch from upstairs on the third floor but then I have to run down 2 sets of stairs to get to the door (very steep, slippery, wooden stairs) the time I get to the front door the guy may have gone.

It's just an inconvenience to have to walk 2km to the post office, and not the closest post office either...the closest post office is like 2-3 blocks away...and wait until the end of the day to get my package. I pay good money to have these things delivered to my door so I can get them within a reasonable amount of time.
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