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I am so fucking pissed off at Canada Post right now! I've been waiting all morning for my VSR-10 to show up in the mail, really excited to get it, I hear the clack clack of the mail slot opening and closing and immediately know that I've been duped by CP again! I run down the stairs to my front door, grab the slip, and run out the door...the guy hops in his van and speeds off as fast as he can. I look at the slip and it says "no answer". MOTHER FUCKER.

Is there any way to report these douchebags that are too lazy to take packages out of their vehicles, instead just take a small slip and stuff it through my door...WITHOUT ringing the doorbell and without knocking. These people should lose their jobs, because they obviously aren't doing them properly... I'm going to CP website to see if I can report this mother fucker.
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