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More realistic, general break-down

Camo - $50-$200
Vest - $50-$350 (Don't buy a static vest, get a molle platform so you can get change your set-up to whatever works for you)
Eye-protection - $50-$150
GOOD BOOTS - $100-$250
Gun - $350-$750
Magazines - $50-$150 (8 low-cap mags seem to be about the average load-out0
Battery - $40
Good Charger - $50-$150
Sling (Trust me on this one) - $15-$50

Total: $755 - $2090

This is the range for decent gear that will actually last you instead of cheap impulse buys that you'll use once then decide you don't like it.

Forget Red dot sights, forget scopes, rail systems and all those other fancy accessories... You want to have your base-line gear down before you start spending money on the rest of that stuff. You don't need a pistol. More often than not pistols are just holster decoration.
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