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Originally Posted by Ashton View Post
Edit: So, after browsing about reviews for a while I stumbled across the retailers section of the forums. Wandered into 007 Airsoft, which apparently is a big name for Canadian airsoft... though one notes that all of their TM and CA gear is considered "Not For Civilian." Does this mean these AEGs would only be available through the classifieds, then, or is that just retailer policy? Because I can't find any other retailers who sell TM or CA, though it's late and I'm undoubtedly very disoriented in my stupor.
This is going to sound like a movie trailer but I thought I'd spice it up a bit:

There was a time, long ago when importation of airsoft guns was flourishing but then... something terrible happened......

THREE YEARS AGO..... THE AUTHORITIES..... RAIDED IMPORTERS..... They slapped criminal charges against them....

"Oh no.... Airsoft in Canada is.... is...."


Really, there were raids a while back and people got burned. People like Ken and Will were in a lot of trouble, over some toy guns (that's not the whole story but I don't want to about the whole thing). Ken used to sell those guns but got burned for it. I think he keeps them there just for reference or as an archive of Airsoft history of "the golden years". This is just speculation but he may be able to import them for LE and such to train with (he would probably need some sort of temporary pardon from the Chief Firearms Officer or someone like that to be able to supply people like that with the black guns).

Anyone who sells black guns sells in the classifieds.

Also the pistolero says to get a pistol. hmmmm.... I wonder why..... Although they're actually pretty awesome, unless you're going to be playing a lot of CQB then it's not really worth it. (PS: If you're heading to Vancouver hit up "the ferry" for a game).

EDIT: Your local clubs should be CIA (Central Island Airsoft) and SIR (South Island Rangers).
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