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Originally Posted by cbcsteve View Post
Oh one more thing, if starting out with an AEG

Knowing what type of Batteries you are using are crucial

NiCD batteries are usually what comes with some older model AEG packages thats if they come with it but they tend to be the norm for some China branded guns such as Jing Gong

But recentely newer AEG models have NiMH batteries with them which is a big plus as they are stronger that NiCD and definitely increase your rate of fire compared to a NiCD

NiCD (Weakest)
NiMh (Better than NiCD and good battery to start with)
Lipo (Strong battery that increase ROF to high speeds and superb trigger response)

NiMH batteries are some good batteries to start with and as for a charger you can use the wall charger that comes with it BUT you should replace it when you have built more funds as better chargers are good on the battery life and some chargers have auto stop features to stop over charge

Now Lipo or Lipoly batteries are what makes the gearbox shoot fast and increases your Rate of fire. But it is ill advise if you do not have upgraded gears as normal gears that came with the gun will shred eventually
Ok, a bit of correction:

Ni-Cad batteries are an older chemestry, but still very relevant. They perform better in cold weather, and you can get them in higher miliamp rating over NiMah packs. Notice how almost all large batteries are Ni-Cads?

Higher Milliamp batteries will also increase your ROF because they can discharge more raw current. I challenge you to put a 8.4v 1500MiA Ni-Mah and a 8.4v 4200MiA Ni-Cad in the same gun then tell me the Ni-Mah pack gives you a better rate of fire. Won't happen.

Voltage also has a significant effect over Rate of Fire.. moreso than the Miliamp rating. Ni-Cad packs are also more robust than Ni-Mah. They're not as tempermental, and contrary to popular opinion, the memory effect has been largely eliminated from Ni-Cad packs. It's still there, but you don't need to discharge the pack on a 1:3 bases or something stupid like that that some people claim. A discharge once every few months (maybe a bit more often if you charge the battery a lot) should be sufficient.

Originally Posted by Ashton View Post
Edit: So, after browsing about reviews for a while I stumbled across the retailers section of the forums. Wandered into 007 Airsoft, which apparently is a big name for Canadian airsoft... though one notes that all of their TM and CA gear is considered "Not For Civilian." Does this mean these AEGs would only be available through the classifieds, then, or is that just retailer policy? Because I can't find any other retailers who sell TM or CA, though it's late and I'm undoubtedly very disoriented in my stupor.
You can gain access to full black guns including TM and CA after being age verified and gaining access to the ASC classifieds.

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